With an extra 20 percent off I decided to buy some things from Boohoo and show you my top 5 favourites from their website right now. If you do decide to shop make sure you put 20EXTRA to get the discount. Denim Jacket - $42 As most people know this year denim jackets were a [...]


PFW // DAY 6

PFW // DAY 6

Off the shoulder, sheer, oversized and ruffle. All trends that are current and have been seen throughout nearly every fashion show in at least one way or another. And unsurprisingly  Stella McCartney decided to do ALL of these trends in one show. As well as all of this she added in some African prints which [...]

PFW // DAY 5

Sonya Rykiel's show was a versatile collection for women in the hot summer. Or at least it was MEANT to be. I was surprised as so many pieces didn't seem that versatile or the wearable. It was a mix of silhouettes that i didn't feel were all that interesting and the plaid was plain boring. [...]

PFW // DAY 4

PFW // DAY 4

The Nina Ricci show was utter perfection and full of power in one collection. The show notes read "The Nina Ricci legionnaire is relaxed - her allure is natural and self-assured" and that certainly was the case with this show. This entire show was filled with looks that only a confident woman could pull off. [...]

PFW // DAY 2

I couldnt find any notes on the Sandra Mansour show but I loved the collection full of dresses and seperates that oozed cool girl chic. There were many feminine looks and then a few more modern piecees. A very nice mix and very sophisticated. If you saw a woman wearing these clothes you would assume [...]

PFW // DAY 1

Wow and just like that we are into Paris Fashion week. The past three fashion weeks have been amazing and luckily the stellar shows continued and it was Victoria/Tomas that caught me eye today. Plaid, stripes, check and over sized jackets were the recurring looks of this collection. As we know these trends are already [...]