Well where do I  begin?

This little angel came into our lives at 10.56pm on October 22nd.

Benicio Vincent Shaw

He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20.8inches long.

My pregnancy and 40+hour labour were both incredibly rough but so worth it to have this dream baby. At just over a month old he began sleeping through the night and found out how to stand by stiffening his legs and leaning on us. He is very active for his age and wants to always be moving around and is already using a walker. Well he can only touch the bottom with one foot but he tries to push himself back and is able to use all the toys on it.

I have so many photos of him with his cheeky smile (just press the instagram button above to see) but I chose this serious one instead. This photo was taken at two months old and he was just so over all the photos but still sat there happily letting me snap away.

He has such a laid back personality (all his Dad!) that is such a joy to be around but he is also feisty, determined and incredibly interested in the world. So many times when people talk about their babies they are so focused on comparing them to other babies but honestly I do not see the need. In my eyes he is the smartest and most beautiful baby there has ever been and I will relish every achievement he makes whether they are before or after his peers.

I am so excited to share his life on this blog as a way to remember this time in our lives and to share with others the excitement of being a new parent.


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