back to work essentials

I head back to work this Saturday and have not had much time to think about it as I have been so busy with my son.

So today I sat down and thought about what I will be bringing:

1.My Iphone and pretty new case – this was a Christmas present by my fiance and I will make great use of it in my breaks to look at photos/videos of Benicio. The new phone case is also handy as I have never had one on a phone before (never had any trouble though) but im glad to have it protected

2. My 2016 diary – this diary is so handy and I will take it everywhere with me to keep myself organised with everything that is going on in my life

3. Bright Lip – I always wear lipstick as it gives me confidence so on my first day back I want to wear a bright lip

4.Pompom keychain – Last year I did not have a keychain and regretted it everyday lol so from now on I can have my keys on me everywhere I go and not constantly think I am losing them

All this material stuff aside emotionally I do not feel 100% ready to go back to work and leave my baby behind. Im lucky not to have to put him in daycare and I know he will be cared for incredibly well but its still hard not being the person looking after him day in and out. I literally have only spent two hours fully away from him (split up into two one hour periods) since I gave birth to him.

I guess I will never feel fully ready but knowing what I will contribute to the family financially helps as earning my own money has always been a great boost to my self esteem and lord knows I could use some of that now.


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