benicio’s favourite things

Now that Benicio is nearly four months old he has a lot of favourites of the moment and I thought it would be fun to list them so that I can look back on this when hes older to remember.

  1. Woody from Toy Story – we got the above toy for him a few weeks ago and he laughs so much when he plays with it. He is also a big fan of the movie and more importantly the songs in it
  2. Micahel Buble – without a doubt this is his favourite singer and has been since he was born. The song I sing to him a lot (which is our song) is “For once in my life”
  3. Elmo – one day at a store we saw an Elmo toy and popped it in front of his face to see his reaction and he went NUTS. We did not end up buying the toy but as my Mama heard (and in typical Grandma style) she literally went out the next day and got him a  toy and he is obsessed. He loves to cuddle him and bite him and we bring him out most of the time as he is the perfect size for his stroller
  4. Thomas the Tank Engine – he is such a typical boy and loves cars and trains. We already have a few Thomas toys for him and he just lights up when he hears the noise of the trains
  5. Kumara – this is a new favourite of his as of a few days ago. Just started making him this (baked and then mixed with some of his milk to thin it out) and he ate it so fast. When he wants more he makes a funny noise and he is always eager to open his mouth. Lets hope he is not as picky with food as his Mama and Daddy!
  6. His Daddy – yes this is his number one favourite EVER. Ben is so obsessed with his Dad its so insane. Literally his face lights up when he sees him and he gets so excited to be around him. So many times he will just sit and stare at him in wonder. I know that he is going to be a Daddy’s boy as already he loves to look at him for approval.IMG_0650.JPG

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