baby #2??

Even the day after having Benicio I already had people asking me if we will have another baby.

I found it odd as I LITERALLY just had pushed a baby out and people (nurses were the first) asked if I was wanting another.

This question is so hard for me to answer as not even I know the answer. There are so many reasons why but I thought I would list a few:

  1. I hemorrhaged very badly a few hours after giving birth (they were talking about me having a hysterectomy even though im only 24 – thank god they did not) so I may have trouble with my next pregnancy. I had so much go on during my Pregnancy health wise and to do with Benny that before I got pregnant again (if I did) i would have tests done to see what is going on with me
  2. Jade and I grew up with siblings so I sometimes think about how I would not want Benny to miss out on that experience yet on the flipside my Mama was an only child and says you really do not know what your missing . Also Jade has two older sons so when I say only child I just mean our only child, plus they are far apart in age so he would not really grow up with them like if they were only 3  years older
  3. Money wise I cant help but think if we only had Benny how his quality of life (material and travel wise) would be so much better. Jade and I both want to travel and have Benicio be worldly by exposing him to other cultures so only having him would make it MUCH easier to do. Also having one means our finances would always go to him, which I know is not everything but I want him to have the best of the best.

So yeah at this point in time I really think we are leaning towards not having anymore children but who knows what the future holds for our family…

I mean we do make REALLY cute babies!


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