weekly recap #1

This week has been pretty rough.

Benicio cut his  first tooth and was the ultimate Daddy’s boy when doing so. I honestly thought if he was in pain he would cling to me but no it was Jade who had to do the calming down and (very rare for us) staying up with him during the night.

I am so lucky that Jade is such a hands on father and appreciate the fact he took over so much so that I could get some sleep. Even through the pain Benicio has tried to keep smiling as he is such a happy wee chap but I feel so bad at the pain he is going thorugh.I also was able to capture a few gorgeous photos of them both. The picture below is a very tired Jade who just calmed down Benny as they were having a cuddle on the couch. I love how he was peeking over his bunny to look at me.


We had a great time on Friday as we took Benny to the new playground in Christchurch. Unfortunately there was no baby area as some people had told me (I think that will open later) but we still had fun with him and have a few photos from that day.

This week we also had a very bad night last night when a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit. Now this is not that big considering other ones we have had yet its epicentre was close to where we live so it gave us a huge shock. We already had damage from the one on Valentine day and those cracks have just gotten bigger and now we are having problems with the electricity in the house.

We had a plug MELT just before which is fricken scary since we have such a small baby. I always hated earthquakes before but now with Benny I am so terrified of not being with him when the next huge one will hit. The fear of something happening to my son is so overwhelming some nights that I find myself wracked with stress.

I do not know what we will do as ultimately I cannot see myself  staying here the rest of my life and worry about Benny.

So thats the recap of our week – its been pretty stressful and I hope this week is a bit more lax.


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