big news

After many conversations and a few more earthquakes we have decide to……..MOVE!

Yes The Shaws (let’s pretend I am one already) are moving to another country. Australia to be precise. We had so many reasons as to why we are moving including the fact there are more opportunities over there, better weather and I have family there but the main reason we are going is for Benicio.

Not only do we want him to be safe but like most families we want him to have a better childhood than what we both had. I think he will be able to have a better quality of life overall if we move there.

We should be moving in May – so we do not have a huge amount of time to plan this all. I am so excited as I have always felt like I was destined for something bigger in life than what NZ can offer and would love to expand my blog and Youtube over there as I can think of so many more video ideas.

So the next few months should be jam packed for us but I am so incredibly excited!