four things

Before I move to Australia I have close to a thousand things I have to do, well like probably 100 now. Besides all of the serious stuff to do with moving companies I also have a small list of four things I want to buy before we go so that I am prepared for my new life in Brisbane.

  1. Ray-Ban sunglasses – Yes I need some more sunglasses fo sho! And instead of buying cheap ones I want to start investing in nicer pairs as right now I only have Witchery ones. I want the green ones as I think they look cute with brown hair, plus my love of green is coming back
  2. Cute Sandals – I have to up my sandal game as well and get various cute ones so that even doing a quick trip to the stores I will be looking fab. Mi Piaci still has some bomb shoes that I love (not biased at all by the fact I used to work there) so I want to pick up a few pairs from there
  3. New phone case – although I love my super blingy one I have now, I want to buy something cute and summery. This Kate Spade one is so simple but cute cause of the gold but unfortunately I cant find it in 6splus which is what I have. I will keep searching though
  4. Tote bag – I think a simple tote is essential for days when we go out on a whim and I just want to throw stuff in a bag and go. This tote is simple and chic and also practical as it would easily fit all of Benicio and I’s must haves

To be absolutely honest with you there is probably a thousand things I want to buy for Australia but this girl has GOT to save.


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