six months

I cant believe it has been a whole six months since our baby boy was born.

Six months of love, happiness and becoming a proper family with Jade.

When I thought of baby milestones during my pregnancy and saw other babies at six months I was expecting my son would be very similar at this age and was perfectly fine with that. But Benicio had other ideas. Since the day he was born he has excelled in hitting milestones with no chance of slowing down.

He held his head up very well from the moment he was born, rolled over early, slept through the night from 7 and a half weeks old, stood up from 2 and a half months, went from rolling to crawling and now pulling himself up. The list just goes on!

He even got two teeth at 3 months (nearly 4 months) old.

 We alwasy get compliments on his development, even from doctors. People always mistake him for being older because he can do so much for his age and even as his mother I am shocked at what he can achieve.

I know this sounds like im bragging but I am not – if he was only just rolling over now I would of been just as proud. Without a doubt my love for him is so immense and he makes every day so enjoyable.

Below are some photos from the actual day (yesterday was the 22nd) and him with his half birthday presents




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