at the farm

Yesterday we used our Anzac day to go spend some time with Jade’s parents at their farm out in Dunsandel. I do not know why we call it a farm as its not actually a farm but they have a lot of land out there and horses so Ben had his first time meeting and sitting on one. He was so interested in her and was not the littlest scared at all.

I love how fearless Benicio is and hope that stays with him for the rest of his life. I must admit even as an adult im not the best around horses (bad childhood memories haha) but I want to become more comfortable around animals so he wont pick up on my anxiety.

The only thing that went wrong was when Jade was stepping over the fence to get to the horse it turned out to be on (electric fence) and he got a wee shock in a umm delicate area. Luckily Ben did not get hurt as he was holding him but I felt bad for my honey.

Ben also rode on his Granddad’s new tractor – love some of the facials he is doing here. He loved going on it and did not even get scared when Jade turned it on. He is such a typical wee boy and loves trains, trucks and cars.

We had a great day – I wish I had taken some photos of Ben with his grandparents, I will take one the next time we are out there before we go to Australia.

Today we hit the fourteen day mark for our countdown to our move! I am so excited and we are doing so well at organizing everything for the move except for the house. We are finding it so hard securing a place whilst still living over here and right now I am crossing my fingers we get the place we just applied for.

I am not trying to stress out too much though. Everything will work out the way it is supposed too and I am happy we are making the most of our last two weeks in Christchurch.



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