back again!

Wow – literally so much has happened since I last wrote on here.

I have been in full time work as an Assistant Manager of a Cotton On Kids since the start of July and life has been non stop. Jade has been busy with work too so its been an adjustment for us to be so busy again after having a bit off family time off between the move. Jade even had his first work trip away and considering we have barely spent more then a few nights apart our whole relationship, it was a struggle. On top of missing him I had a sick baby and I ended up unwell which added to the stress of it all and made me very thankful to have him back again.

It is harder than before but I also really enjoy my job and find it more fulfilling than where I worked in New Zealand. Because we are not planning on another baby it also means I can be of real use to my store as I wont need to be away for maternity leave, and I wont miss out on any crucial moments whilst building on my career.

Ben is as happy as always and a big ten month old. He constantly is in the 91st percentile for height and seems to be growing in huge leaps and bounds. Walking is the next milestone and although he has had steps here and there I know once he walks it will be even tougher for me and Jade to keep up with him!

He has 8 teeth now (two more have only just popped through) and his cheeky personality that has been here since day one is 100% evident in everything he does. His intelligence is also ever present and it still shocks me how he picks up on so many things. He takes after his father in that department which I am thankful for as although I am certainly not dumb I cannot retain information the way he does.

We have explored Brisbane whenever we can and I will include a few photos of one of our trips. I even got to catch up with my grandparents who live here and loved spending time with them as I have nothing but happy memories of them as they were a huge part of my childhood. It feels so cool to have had their first great grandchild, who happened to be born on my Tompop (grandads) birthday. I love how we are able to take advantage of time off and no longer have to have plans cancelled due to stupid earthquakes. It really helps as life feels back to normal now.

So that is what I have been up to since I last wrote on here. Busy as ever but very happy and always looking forward to moments with my family.



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