Life update – baby No2!

Yes the title is correct – I am pregnant again!

8 weeks and three days to be exact.

So just like Benicio this is a surprise – but a very happy one.

For people unfamiliar with my back story I have problems during pregnancy, a LOT of them!

To begin my first pregnancy was a Molar Pregnancy. This is a very rare thing that happens in pregnancy and to top it off out of the two types of molar pregnancies I had the rarest one – a complete molar.

I do not want to make this whole announcement about it but just want to mention this was a chromosomal abnormality and it was a very stressful time as there were a lot of things doctors told me i had to do after surgery. I was told not to get pregnant for 12 months after since my case was so bad and I would have constant blood tests to monitor if the tumor would grow back again.

And then I met Jade!

Literally at the lowest time of my life I met this knight in shining armour who loved me regardless of my many flaws. And then Benicio happened, literally conceived just 2 months after my surgery much to my doctors dismay.

I was told they thought it was another molar so the 7 week scan was stressful, and literally the whole time Jade told me not to worry “everything will be fine baby” and it was. Instead of seeing an odd tumour on the screen we saw a beautiful baby!

The whole thing surprised the molar pregnancy unit – they even use my case as an example of successful pregnancy soon after a molar.

So the pregnancy was super easy with no trouble…..I wish!

There was a huge chunk of my pregnancy when tests showed they thought Ben had Down Syndrome. Literally I had a good 10 weeks where I had many ultrasounds and tests and at the end they could only say there was a good chance he did not but they couldn’t say 100% were sure. Birth was going to be the only way we would really know.

Yet again all Jade would say is “baby its going to be fine, he is a strong shaw”, yes my partner is a beyond positive person compared to my pessimist nature.

Then when it came to the birth Benicio decided to overstay his welcome and my labour was an intense 40+ hours which was so painful due to his position and then after he was born we also found out his umbilical cord was very short. This is classed yet again as a chromosomal abnormality and causes labour to be more painful.

Other stuff happened in the pregnancy too including stuff they saw on his heart which added to all this stress but in the end my beautiful boy arrived perfectly healthy.

Thank god!

So yeah after all these problems I had my doctor tell me if I wanted any more kids after Ben I should get genetic testing done as I obviously had multiple chromosomal abnormalities happen. But we moved to a new country and I kind of pushed the stress of it away in my mind and got on with life.

Then one day at work I got extremely dizzy – not normal for me. The only time I experienced it before was when I was pregnant with Ben. I even had to go home early as I vomited. Yet again not the usual for me.

I was sick and took a day off work as I just couldn’t get it together with the dizziness and vomiting.

The next day I felt better and took a test as I was late and the second line showed up so fast!

I was excited but fear set in very fast.

That was a few weeks ago and since then I recently had a bleed and cramping and had to take yesterday and today off work (under doctors orders) but it seems to have stopped and I am crossing my fingers everything will be ok now but come on – can someone cut me a break?

I do not think people who have not had problems in pregnancy will understand what an emotional toll it takes on you to have problems. As this will be my last (my body has been through a LOT ) I am just hoping the rest of it is smoother. Jade hates me to stress during pregnancy but I am at a point now where each day that passes without an issue feels like a milestone.

Its like those factories I see in american shows where the have boards documenting days without incident. I cant even put one day yet as I had cramping early this morning.

Lets hope tomorrow will be Day 1 and continues till June 14th.

I do not really think that will happen though – the pessimist/realist in me cant relax during pregnancy till the baby is placed in my arms. People can reassure me as much as I like but till that baby can lay on my chest breathing with no problems my stress level cannot subside.

Sorry Jade xxxx


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