All about baby #2

It has been a while since I have been on here and a lot has happened.

I have of course been super busy with work, as most of you may know im an Assistant Manager of a Cotton On Kids. For anyone working in retail Boxing Day is of course the biggest day of the year and up until my maternity leave starts it was the one day I felt was looming over my head. I was 15 weeks 4 days when it happened and surprisingly I was not too tired from it and managed to make it through the busy season pretty darn well.

Now that it is over I can begin to focus more on the pregnancy.

Today I am 16 weeks and 5 days.

We found out the sex at a 15 week appointment and no surprises there…..its a boy!

Anyone who knows me personally knows my fiance has two older boys from a previous relationship and then our son so finding out it was a boy was not a surprise.

I like to say Jade only makes boys haha!

I was bummed out at first as I always wanted a princess and since this is our last baby it was our last chance but now I am well and truly over that and happy to have another son.

Benicio will be so happy to have a little brother who he can show off (and share) all of his toys with and I am totally ok with the fact I will be the only woman in a house of boys.

Its so cool to think we will be welcoming a baby into our family this year and even though I am so busy I am adding to the crazy by continuing with this blog, making another blog which will be 100% fashion and also beginning to do youtube videos.

I have so much to say about my life and so many passions like fashion, home decor and of course my family that I want to share it with the world and in turn be able to have all these memories kept for years down the line.

So stay tuned as this blog will have a schedule very soon and I will have a lot of exciting things to share with you all this year!




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