Appreciating your partner

I think nearly every person in a relationship has times of not appreciating their partner.

As the years go on and you add kids to the mix sometimes those times can increase.I definitely have been guilty of this lately and today I am realising how harsh I have been and how much Jade does for me.

He may not give me back rubs during pregnancy (which I always complain about) but he does pick me up and drop me off every day I work saving my energy and also ensuring I spend more time with our son.

He likes to spend time gaming but since he met me he has cut down so much and he dedicates the majority of his spare time to going on adventures as a family and creating memories.

He does not buy me every little thing I ask for (former shopaholic here!) yet he misses out on buying lunch so I am able to every single day.

He hates soppy facebook posts and would never put one about me yet he will give me flowers for no reason because he knows it make me happy, which I will in turn take a photo of and make a soppy post on facebook haha!

These are just a few examples of things he does for me but honestly Jade just looks after me and shows me he loves me every single day. I may get on at him about some of the stupid things he says and pick on him about the things he does not do but as a whole he is an incredible partner and father.

Years ago he did not want kids or a partner as he did not want the responsibility of looking after other people. This is funny to me as he cares for his family so well and really is the glue that keeps us together.

It is so easy to see flaws in our partners but if they are good people who love you, pick and choose your battles. Yes they may be slack at housework or forget to do something you asked them but what other ways have they shown you kindness and love?

One thing Jade says whenever we argue or he makes a mistake is the fact he trys to be a better partner. If you and your partner are both trying to be the best partner you can be (not just with words but actions) you will always be a stronger couple than those who are too lazy to put any effort in.

Jade deserves a partner who is more even tempered, less selfish and appreciative so I am going to try to do this and hopefully reading this post shows him I know how lucky I am to have him.



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