Whats in a name?

When it comes to naming a baby it can be really hard as you have to agree on two names with your partner and make sure it suits their surname.

Growing up I had a list of names I loved. Before my teen years i was set on having 5 children and naming them Alicia, Maria, Reilly, Thomas and Claire. Yes  I expected on naming three of my kids my entire name and the last two names are my grandparents names that both run in our family. How funny was I to think I could be able to convince a partner of this and also how crazy it is that I thought I would be able to guarantee the gender of each!

In my teens I had another list of names I loved that included Thaddeus, Tobin, Tallulah and Marchesa. These are names I still adore to this day but when it came time to actually choose a name for my first son they all were swiftly taken off the table by Jade.

I was so annoyed as Thaddeus (nickname Thad) was a dream name I would of loved to use so after him saying it was too odd I was afraid finding a name would be torture.

We discussed a few ways to go about finding a name and at one point discussed a Spanish name to be a nod to my mums side of the family from South America.

We went through a list and each said no to certain ones when I half jokingly said Benicio.

Benicio del Toro is of course an amazing actor and over the years I have mentioned to various people how much I loved his name. Considering Jade said no to some other Spanish names that were more common I was shocked when he said yes to Benicio.

But you know what – it was perfect!

Not only could it be shortened to Ben for ease in social situations (i.e school) it worked so well for the middle name which I suggested be his father’s middle name, Vincent.

And that is how we came up with Benicio Vincent Shaw.

Pretty easy and we have always received compliments on it! As we hadn’t originally planned on more children I stopped thinking about names. So when we found out I was expecting again we started the process early of discussing names and it was nowhere near as easy as Ben.

Even finding out the gender at 15 weeks did not help our search for a name. At first the goal was to have a Spanish first name again but we could not agree at all. Javiar was my top choice but not a favourite of Jades and nothing seemed to flow with the surname.

After weeks of discussions which even included consulting family members on suggestions we threw out the idea of another Spanish name and instead looked for a unique name. I mean you do not have a son called Benicio and call the other Andrew – just seems odd and does not flow!

I was the one who mentioned the name Bear. Yes, you read that correct…Bear!

Jade was unsure of it at first but as weeks went by no other names really worked well and to be honest he has two older boys he helped named too and the surname so I was pretty dead set on Bear.

It will be a name you either love or hate. But to be honest I have never cared about others opinions and I think with my son’s personalities alone they will always stand out, regardless of what name they have.

The middle name was one we also tossed and turned about and it was when Jades mum suggested Sebastian (Jade’s brother, Ziggy’s middle name) that everything fell into place.

Like his older brother, Bear would have a unique first name and the middle name would be a family one.

Bear Sebastian Shaw.

The final piece to our puzzle.

I am currently 36 weeks and 5 days and cannot wait to meet the little boy who will round off our family. As much as we joke Jade only makes boys and the fact I always wanted a girl, the idea of having two sons is amazing to me.

I love that I am surrounded by cars, trains and trucks, will be the only woman in a house full of boys and that I will get to see the amazing qualities I see in Jade be passed down to his sons.

I am so lucky that I will have my Ben and Bear and even though it is bittersweet to be in the last few weeks of it being just us and Ben I cannot wait to see the boys bond and friendship that will last a lifetime.


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