Mama makeover

After being pregnant for 18 out of the last 26 months I have somehow lost a lot of my identity.

My overall appearance has been very differant and not just because of my pregnancy but due to my sudden change of not wearing makeup, doing my hair or spending money on clothes the way I used to.

Much of this has been due to the fact we have been tighter since having my first son and moving to another country. Naturally my priorities on extra cash has been to Ben and not making sure I have the newest beauty products!

It also was because in my relationship with Jade he is not a fan of makeup and prefers me natural. This is so sweet but in the end I have realised how much I personally miss getting dressed up and seeing myself in a fashionable way rather than looking the frumpy way I have been.

So over the next few months I am going to have a Mama makeover.

New clothes are a must as I barely have any (ditto for makeup) and a new haircut will be essential. Losing weight is another thing on my list but im not too worried. I started off the pregnancy the biggest I have ever been and by the end of the pregnancy I weighed the same as my pre pregnant self. So after giving birth I was already smaller and fit my jeans etc but I want to lose mroe weight and tone up.

I will document my whole makeover journey and will also start up Youtube videos again as im certain there will be many hauls in the near future.


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