First three weeks with 2 under 20 months

I cannot believe Bear is three weeks old today.

It has been three amazing, and tiring weeks but I cannot remember life without him. The first few days were a BIG adjustment for Benicio. He was 19 months old when his brother was born and as much as I talked about the baby to him beforehand there is no real way of preparing a toddler who is so little for the change ahead. I mean I didn’t even know how it would be with two babies pretty close in age.

But after a few days of Ben realising that just because Bear was here didn’t mean he was forgotten it got easier and easier. I had an instant wave of Mama guilt when I first brought him home and had to say “wait Ben I have to feed your brother” or “quiet Ben your brother is sleeping” but as the weeks have passed I have realised that its only natural that I have to divide my attention between both boys.

To be absolutely honest some days I cannot divide the attention evenly (I think its impossible to do that everyday) but that is why I am lucky and have a supporitve partner to help me out.

I really cannot complain right now. Bear is sleeping very well for a newborn and pretty easy going besides a few bad days of gas – which is now under control. Ben is very loving and gentle with his brother and seems very excited to have a buddy that lives with him.

I mean of course I am tired and some days when one or both boys are having a hard day it is difficult but as a whole I am so happy to be at this stage of my life. Even my recovery has been much smoother than before.

Last time I was dealing with stitches that got infected and was unable to breastfeed for long but this time around I had no stitches (thank the lord!) and although we formula feed I have been able to breastfeed as well. It truly is a polar experience compared to last time!

This Saturday is my 26th birthday and I feel so lucky to be able to enter this next year with my two beautiful, healthy sons and my amazing fiancé.




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