Clothing haul for benicio

Benicio is closing in on 21 months now and he is growing faster than ever.

He has always been tall for his age and constantly mistaken for being older and somehow he has made a jump in most clothes from his current size 1 (which is way small) up to a 3 in many things. Sometimes size 2 can just fit but usually its 3 that is the better fit. Especially as we want to get more than a few weeks wear out of it!

ben closet 1

Since we live in Queensland we have a mix of cold and warm days even in winter. I have divided up his new stuff by summer and winter just so you can see what a mix it is that he will wear.

ben closet 2

I made sure to buy everything with outfits in mind so that everything can match and then even if im not the one who dresses him one day I will know he will look cute.

Out of everything purchased it is the denim jacket that is my absolute favourite. Even wearing a plain outfit can look so cute with the jacket thrown over it.

I have a Youtube video about where everything is from which will be linked here. Most of it is obviously from Cotton on Kids (since I am an assitant manager at one) but I also found cute things at H&M and Target.

Next time I do a post about clothes I will have more photos of him wearing it but toddlers can be so cray cray that I was happy to get one look photographed!



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