Bear turns one month

How can my baby already be a month old?

Time is flying past so rapidly and I want to rememeber everything.

His long skinny feet, his dinosaur cries, his happy little smile and just everything about the way he looks and acts as a newborn.

bear 2

I have always thought that even from a young age you can tell a lot about a babys personality and nature. From the minute we met Bear I have felt as though he will be a much calmer person than his brother.

Whilst Benicio is happy to be the centre of attention, I think Bear will be more laid back.

bear 3

I think this time around I feel more emotional about Bear growing up as he is my last little baby. Last time raising a newborn and last time we will have these milestones. Some he has already achieved is sleeping in his cot through the night (11-5 is normal for him), turning over (already done this about 3 times) and he is a pro at lifting his head for extended periods of time.

I so enjoy everyday I spend with him and his brother and want to have a record of this time in my life. That is why I started blogging again and I am going to start vlogging on my Youtube channel (link here) at least one day a week.

I hope the next month goes a little bit slower



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