After being pregnant 18ish out of the last 32 months my wardrobe has taken a HUGE hit.

In my last pregnancy I was pretty much only wearing three outfits the entire time – none that were flattering or my style. Now I am done with having more kids I am ready to get my wardrobe back to being fashionable and full of clothes I ACTUALLY love.

It might sound odd to start a new wardrobe when I have the intention to lose weight. But I am not going to punish myself and hold out buying clothes I feel fashionable in as that is something past Alicia used to do a lot and its a really horrible feeling. Its like punishing yourself for being overweight (or at least a larger size than you want to be) and in turn you usually dont have motivation to lose the weight as you feel so crap every time you look in the mirror.

Im choosing to love myself for what I look like now, so when and if I do lose weight it will just be a bonus!

Now lets actually talk about how I am going about this capsule wardrobe since I am starting from scratch I do not have anything to work with. Most people choose a number of around 35 clothing items they are allowed to work with every season. The intention is to only use what you have chosen during the start of that season to create outfits and when you move onto the next one you interchange pieces to create your next 35.

Many people use this as a way to stop overpurchasing as you can only buy new stuff at the very beginning of a season when you make your selections and you just have to deal with the items you have during it, rather than buying clothes constantly.

In this instance I am building an entire wardrobe starting off with basics to start my capsule wardrobe. Since I work at a retail childrens store and have two small sons it makes sense to start off with pieces I would wear on a daily basis as at this point in my life I have no social events at night or that require me to be dressy.

I mean with two under two date nights are hard or in our case a total impossibility.

Whilst shopping I am going to stick to a few rules in order to create a casual capsule wardrobe that I will actually wear;

  1. Only buy clothes that fit properly – ill fitting clothing wont motivate weight loss and are a waste of money
  2. Buy each item with a whole outfit in mind – no use buying a top only to realise it doesnt work with anything else you own
  3. Have a clear vision of how you want your capsule to look whether it be monochrome, colourful etc so that you end up with a cohesive wardrobe
  4. Never buy on impulse – this can waste your time dealing with returns and waste money. The capsule wardrobe is meant to be well thought out so really give each purchase a lot of thought especially when buying trend pieces

I think this post gives you a clear idea of why I am doing this and the next post I do will be more in depth on my colour palette and physical items high on my list of basics to buy.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post as I will have a lot more coming up. A few purchases were made this week and I look forward to sharing them and wearing them!


One thought on “CAPSULE WARDROBE – pt 1

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