The minute I made the decision to create a capsule wardrobe I have been spending many hours on the net trying to find pieces I want to buy and what websites to buy them.

Two of the main websites I am ordering from are Decjuba and Cotton On. I wanted to create a wishlist for the latter that keeps with my theme for my wardrobe which is mostly monochrome.


1. Jeans – $49.95 In the past I have not been much of a jeans person but I have come to realise how essential they are in a capsule wardrobe and also how stylish they can be. The reason I love this pair is the fact it has the contrasting light and dark blue and frayed edge. Frayed edges are very in right now and can add a bit of edge to any look.

2. Printed Tee – $19.95 Tees with simple sayings are on trend too and I loved how cute this grey one is. Nothing crazy but adds a fun element to an otherwise plain top.

3. T-Shirt Dress – $19.95 This is such an essential. In a few minutes a plain tshirt dress can be transformed with a denim jacket, sneaker’s and a great bag for a stylish yet carefree look. I already have purchased one (from Shaanxo collab with WhiteFox) so I will show that one once it arrives.


4.Black Denim Skirt – $29.95 If you already have blue denim in your wardrobe having black denim in the skirt means you can create twice as many looks without it looking too repeatitive. Its also nice to balance it out and if you have distressed jeans choose a tidy denim skirt so that it doesn’t seem like your entire wardrobe is in shreds.

5.Cotton Shirt – $29.95 A cotton shirt is an essential in anyone’s wardrobe – not just a capsule one. It can be dressed up with leather leggings and heels or dressed down with distressed jeans and sneakers. Literally everyone can look great in a white cotton shirt – the only thing to be aware of is the cut. For me oversized is better as too fitted makes me look boxier than I already am.

6.Bomber Jacket – $25.00 This jacket is a great piece for a capsule wardrobe as not only will it match most outfits but its sporty edge can add more interest to simple looks. I would buy and wear a bomber jacket in a heartbeat but unfortunately I have wide shoulders and they do not suit this AT ALL!

So that is my affordable wishlist for a capsule wardrobe. As you can see even from these six items there are already a lot of outfit options. That has definitely been a plus when it comes to choosing a capsule wardrobe.

If you buy pieces that match everything else you own you no longer have days of having “nothing to wear”. A bonus is the always Instagram worthy wardrobe as a few colours looks more aesthetically pleasing than a jumble of colours and prints.

I hope you enjoyed this – my next wishlist will be for Decjuba next week.


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