As part of my Mama makeover I decided to change my hair. I had long plain hair that I never styled (mum bun everyday!) and never made me happy. Around my birthday last month I chopped about 3 inches off and loved it. But the itch to cut off more came over me this month and as a result I have the shortest hair of MY LIFE!

Below is a side view of it which shows how it is a little longer around my face and a very choppy haircut. I think because of my round, very chubby face I needed to have an edgier haircut that also took out some of the thickness.


I also love the fact I can add a few waves to it and put it in a half up do to get it out of my face when im running around after the boys but still want to look good.


I got the hair cut buzz and decided to take my oldest son for his first haircut too. I was worried as he has an obsession with hair and would twirl his in order to go to sleep. It was a total comfort for him!

But he sat so well for his cut and they were even able to use the trimmer on him with no issues. And im happy to report he has adjusted well to no longer twirling his hair – if only he would be that chill with me removing his binky haha



At 21 months he still didnt have a lot of hair but it was very uneven and the parts he did have were very wild. Oh and his face is red as I used a wet wipe on it before I took the photos (as he had tomato sauce on it) and I totally forgot how sensitive his skin is. Silly me!

I hope you enjoyed this post – I really love my new hair and feel much more confident with it than before. I may not pull it off exactly the way I have seen others but if I like it and am happy thats all that matters right?



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