After doing a capsule wardrobe wishlist for Cotton On I decided to make one for Decjuba because I have bought the most items from them (literally have another order on the way) and am going in store tomorrow.

There is one item I will be searching for in particular that I will have in this wishlist and is sold out on line. But I wont give up till I find it – I am stubborn especially when it comes to fashion!


1.  Cotton Shirt Dress – $119.95 If you go on instagram and look at any street style posts you would realise what a staple item this is for a wardrobe. Not only is it easy to throw on and look chic with a few accessories but it is an item that will never go out of style. Decjuba hit it out of the park when it comes to this dress as the sillhouette is flattering for all shapes and they also have it in stripes whcih looks so chic

2. Jeans – $109.95 These are yet another staple in any wardrobe and are very on trend with the distressing. But I think the extremely frayed ankle is what I love about this one.

3. Tee – $69.95 What a great twist on a classic tee. The fact it is knotted and has the long hem means that it is already styled so all you need is a great pair of jeans and your outfit is complete. At the weight I am now I find it so flattering to tuck in part of my tees to create more shape as at the moment I feel like a BLOB


4. Denim Jacket – 139.95 Everyone has oversize denim jackets but there is a huge place in street style fashion for fitted jackets that can add shape to otherwise shapeless outfits. Especially if you are boxier and find oversize to be unflattering, a fitted denim jacket gives you edge but wont add bulk.

5. Denim Short – 79.95 I honestly think this is THE perfect denim short. Its frayed, cuffed and the perfect wash. If I wasn’t so self conscious about my huge legs I would of purchased this weeks ago.

6. Stripe Tee – 59.95 Whilst I do live in Brisbane (with barely any cold days) on the odd cool morning a top like this would be perfect with a red lip and denim for that french inspired effortless look. I could see myself wearing this at the markets on the weekend with my boys and will probably end up buying it.


And without further adieu here is my #mustbuygonnacry if I don’t own it piece…..a kimono.

I have seen this done at other stores in garish colours and odd lengths but this one is so perfect. The floral design is a great way to add print to otherwise minimalist wardrobes. Adding this into my very grey, black, denim and white wardrobe brings out my ultra feminine side in a more fashionable way.

I would add a link to this but unfortunately it is sold out online thus starting my search for it in stores tomorrow. I would seriously go store to store to find this!

I hope you liked this wishlist. Decjuba is now my favourite store (used to be Witchery) and I am finding my new wardrobe is about 80% filled with pieces from there. If you haven’t checked it out already you should as I even had a great experience when dealing with their customer service which means a lot to me as I am a retail manager.

I will have an accessories list up next week – I have already purchased 2 shoes from them and have a mental list of what else I want. Honestly once my shopping addiction kicks in again its hard to stop!


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