Yes this is the second time I am making this post and for very good reason.
Between my latest purchases and redecorating my room/office decor has meant my style has evolved. I am obsessed with the clean lines of monochrome with very little colour besides denim and a few blues.
As this is the case, I no longer want excess colour in my wardrobe so now my base is white, black + blue.

Its amazing how many looks you can achieve from a few items and how chic it looks when you have a streamlined aesthetic.
The prints I have chosen this spring/summer are stars and stripes. Stripes look fresh whilst stars are on trend and add whimsey to any serious look.

In fashion there are always new trends and right now I’m seeing so much red, pink and gingham. My Insta feed is overloaded with similar content and whilst I like these trends and explored some in the past, a monochrome wardrobe is speaking to me.

Below are some of my mood board showing these styles on the street.
Easily my favourite way to find inspiration is pinterest and then i usually replicate them to suit my clothes and body type



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