Instead of doing a post all about day one I will talk about one show and my favourite street style of the day and at the end of NYFW is when I will discuss trends overall.

Raf Simon’s debut to Calvin Klein was definitely the most publicized and star studded show of the day . Inspired by Andy Warhol there was a mix of prints throughout and also a mix of textures with satin, leather and fringe.

The whole collection was classic styles or even current trends turned on their heads and interpreted in a different way.

Denim jackets had paint like prints over them, fringe was shown in oversized proportions and simple shirts and pants were turned into a patchwork of colour. One recurring theme I thoroughly disliked was the drawstring that was thrown all around pieces and dangling everywhere which , in my opinion ruined some nice outfits.

I would say the first third of the show was a bit boring for me too but once the leather pieces came out I was loving it. The red dress (shown below) was stunning and I also loved the movement of the extrememly long fringe as it walked the runway.

Overall I thought the show was great but would of been AMAZING had the first third of the satin colour blocking been changed. They did not feel fresh and made all the models in it look so aged.

Besides that it is obvious Raf is a great fit for the Calvin Klein brand and giving it his own twist.




Here are some of my favourite street style looks from Day One. Unsurprisingly we are seeing a lot of red and millenial pink. They are still here to stay!




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