For day 2 I had 2 designers who had collections I loved. One being Jason Wu , but since everyone is talking about him (and rightly so) I will talk about my other favourite.


Hanako Maeda created a beautiful collection which was reflective of a neighbourhood in Hong Kong that is a melting pot for east and western styles.

I loved the mix between flowy fabric and then structured looking corsets. The whole collection was full of textures and also included pleats, sequins and I believe cashmere.

Although there was nothing insanely groundbreaking about the collection as a whole I thought it was presented beautifully and I think breaking down certain outfits showed the incredible detail and hardwork that went into each piece.

Right down to the amazing footwear of satin booties with embellishments. Head to toe perfection.




And now here are a few of my favourite street style looks from day two.

da84aa5055cc2e3826914b3a0e413a5e  Street-Style-Fashion-Week-SS-18-Simon-Man-Repeller-September-2017-O02A5906

New York Fashion Week - Street Style - Day 1


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