After Calvin Klein’s collection opening with western inspired lokks it seems Coach had the same idea.

Except they decided to add 100 other things into the collection too such as sequins, prints, satin and embroidery. There was definitely one recurring theme of the 70s present though to help hold the many styles together.

Watching this show was a rollercoaster for me of pieces I was obsessed with and then stratight after an outfit I truly despised. Probably 75% was awesome/amazing compared to 25% of horrible.

I think who ever styled the show should be fired. Granted I loved the glitter runway but the models all looked messy. And not in a rolled out of bed looking this good way but more a rolled out my coke den and had to go to work.

Anyway lets just look at some of the clothes and hopefully you will see what I mean by amazing looks next to horrible ones.




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