First three weeks with 2 under 20 months

First three weeks with 2 under 20 months

I cannot believe Bear is three weeks old today. It has been three amazing, and tiring weeks but I cannot remember life without him. The first few days were a BIG adjustment for Benicio. He was 19 months old when his brother was born and as much as I talked about the baby to him [...]


Whats in a name?

When it comes to naming a baby it can be really hard as you have to agree on two names with your partner and make sure it suits their surname. Growing up I had a list of names I loved. Before my teen years i was set on having 5 children and naming them Alicia, [...]

All about baby #2

It has been a while since I have been on here and a lot has happened. I have of course been super busy with work, as most of you may know im an Assistant Manager of a Cotton On Kids. For anyone working in retail Boxing Day is of course the biggest day of the [...]

working mum rant

My baby is 11 months old in five days...where did the time go?! I cannot believe my baby boy is so grown up and such an independent toddler. I feel as though I have missed so much. Being a working Mama is a constant struggle and I feel pretty low about it right now and [...]